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Swiss Students having had resident status in Ticino for at least two years (for foreign students the required period of residence is five years) may seek financial assistance from either the Government or private foundations. 
Students residing in other cantons should contact the local office for scholarships.

Swiss students residing abroad should request scholarships to their canton of origin.

Please contact the following office:

Cantonal scholarships

Ufficio degli aiuti allo studio
piazza Governo 7
6501 Bellinzona
tel. +41 91 814 3432

  • Scholarships for 1st year Bachelor students from Swiss-German and Swiss French cantons
    Among its goals USI seeks to further encourage multiculturality among its student core, also as a stimulus for the Italian speaking students.
    USI therefore assigns every year to all first year Bachelor students from the Swiss-german and Swiss-french Cantons a scholarship equivalent to the yearly tuiton fee of CHF 4000.
  • Scholarships for incoming students from Swiss-German and Swiss French cantons residing at the Casa dell’Accademia
    The Fondazione per la Casa dell’Accademia offers ten scholarships worth CHF 3000.-, corresponding to half the yearly rent+expenses to incoming students from Swiss-German and Swiss French cantons. 
    Please apply trough this link.
  • Scholarship for Swiss students residing abroad
    Swiss students residing abroad when graduating can apply for a scholarship to reduce their tuiton fee from CHF 8000.- /year to 4000.- The scholarship will be given to students from families with a modest income, corresponding to criteria applied by Canton Ticino.
    Enrolled students of the Academy of Architecture please apply trough this link.
  • Scholarships for italian students
    The Fondazione A+A Maletti (at the legal firm Avv. Alessandro Guglielmetti, via Beroldingen 8, 6850 Mendrisio)) grants scholarships to gifted italian applicants to the Academy with an economically difficult situation. From 2015 the foundation will not grant scholarships to 1st year Bachelor students.
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    • Costo della formazione e finanziamento
    • Modulo di partecipazione
    • Regolamento


  • Scholarships for students from other countries
    The Academy coordinates scholarships for students from many other countries. These scholarships are granted by several organisations that are hereby thanked: Associazione Amici dell'Accademia, Fondazione Leonardo, Winterhalter Foundation, Vontobel Foundation, Korfer Foundation, Rotary Club Mendrisiotto. This grants are usually awarded after successfully finishing the first year of Bachelor studies to needy and academically qualified students. Enrolled students of the Academy please apply trough this link.


  • Scholarships for Swiss students

SODESKA Foundation offers 5 annual scholarships to Swiss students to support them in their academic studies at USI. Applications are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Fondazione SODESKA, and handed in at the USI front desk by January 28th (information sheet, in Italian only).


  • Scholarships for Swiss students living in Ticino


that can be requested through

the Academy of Architecture

The Università della Svizzera italiana and various foundations and sponsors are granting scholarships to 5-6 particularly gifted students that already have a Bachelor in architecture and enroll at the Academy of Architecture for their Master of Science. The scholarship for the second year is subject to above-average results.

  • 15 May: Master Students who need an entry visa for Switzerland
  • 30 June: All other Students

Enrolled students of the Academy of Architecture please apply trough this link

Prospective students please apply through this link.


for Master of Science students

Foreign students from developing countries may apply for a scholarship to the Fondazione Leonardo.

The following institutions make available grants for particularly deserving students from disadvantaged countries or schools with which the Academy has a privileged relationship:

  • Associazione Amici dell’Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio, Morbio Inferiore
  • Fondazione Agnese ed Agostino Maletti, Mendrisio (only for students of Italian nationality)
  • Vontobel Foundation, Zurich

In memory of Alessandro Conti, who graduated from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and died young, the Conti family presents an annual scholarship.

For information and application forms, apply to the university office.