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Teatro dell'architettura

Foto Enrico Cano
Teatro dell'Architettura Mendrisio, Foto Alberto Canepa
Teatro dell'Architettura, Foto Enrico Cano
Teatro dell'architettura, Mendrisio, Foto Alberto Canepa




Teatro dell’architettura 

in Mendrisio

The new building, with a circular central plan with three floors above ground and two underground floors, refers to the type of anatomical theater. Unique in its kind, the Teatro dell'architettura will contribute significantly to the new identity image of the Campus Mendrisio Academy of Architecture: a laboratory of ideas and events, a place of experimentation, and finally a contemporary instrument that must be able to perceive and transmit the cultural trends. The Teatro dell’architettura was designed by architect Mario Botta and stands next to the existing Palazzo Turconi: the building has a diameter of 27 metres and a surface area of about 3,000 square metres. The spaces within it are suitable for a variety of uses, for events that may be connected or independent. The activities of the Teatro dell’architettura began in autumn 2018. All the cultural events will be open to the public, thus reinforcing the foundations of a solid cultural vocation with regard to its own territory. The Teatro dell’architettura will also act as a platform for exchanges with other institutions for which cultural affairs are a particular field of interest.


The building and the objectives

Teatro dell'Architettura - Planimetria
Teatro dell'Architettura
Teatro dell'Architettura