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The Design and Diploma studios, the courses, the lectures, the books and the expositions: a year of activities at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Academy of Architecture

Yearbook 2019

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ISBN 9788887624892

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“To lay a solid foundation for the teaching of the theory of landscape architecture, we need to start by developing a critical atlas of the works created during the short history of the discipline. We need to identify, analyse and interpret these works, which means engaging in a true hermeneutic activity. Research activities in the field of landscape architecture should start here, from the unwritten history of the discipline. This activity will have to proceed in a comparative and open way, scrutinising across a broad range everything that can enter into a (reasoned) repertoire of landscape architecture. As long as such an instrument is lacking, the teaching of the subject will always remain reductive and approximate” (Michael Jakob).

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Michael Jakob,

L’architettura del paesaggio

14,5 x 19 cm, 48 pp.

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An artist of international renown based in Belgium, Koen Vanmechelen has centered his work on the relation between nature and culture throughout the course of an almost forty-year-long journey. Acclaimed for his exploration of the intersections between art and science, the artist tries, through his projects, to understand and pose questions on the great challenges of the 21st century. Sculptor, painter, performer, filmmaker, as well as a human rights advocate, the artist has rounded out his projects for the hybridization of both animals and plants with the contamination of the figurative arts, of materials and media making formal proliferation within conceptual complexity his own personal earmark on a creative universe that is as unique as it is unmistakable. This catalogue of the exhibition illustrates more than sixty-five pieces ‒ which were all realized between 1982 and 2019 ‒ intended to highlight the more strictly plastic aspects of his body of work. 

Texts by: Boas Erez, Mario Botta, Didi Bozzini, James Putnam, Marcus Thelen, Pierluigi Panza, Koen Vanmechelen.

Koen Vanmechelen,

The Worth of Life 1982-2019

edited by / a cura di

Didi Bozzini

27 x 27 cm, 222 pp.

80 ill. col., 23 ill. b/w


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Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836645015

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28 Design studios, 13 Diploma studios, 92 courses, 95 lecturers, 112 assistants, 808 students: a year of teaching activity at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Academy of Architecture

Yearbook 2018

24 × 24 cm, 360 pp.
426 ill. b/w, 67 ill, col.
english / italian
ISBN 9788887624861
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This eighth issue of the series “Quaderni” from the BSc course in “Construction Systems and Processes” is devoted to the Scuola media Losone, by Livio Vacchini and Aurelio Galfetti (1972-1974). The second year students at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, guided by professor Franz Graf, carried out practical work on the building articulated in the collection and analysis of original documentation, the redrafting of the building plans and the production of axonometric projections and constructional models made to scale. A selection of the material collected for the course, with the original drawings and period photographs, together with a historical reading of the building, a structural analysis and a selection of students’ works make up this issue, which is intended not only to demonstrate the presence in Ticino of a notable architectural work, but also to furnish the operators responsible for its conservation with pointers about appropriate ways of carrying out maintenance or restoration work.

“Sistemi e processi della costruzione. Quaderno 8”

Livio Vacchini, Aurelio Galfetti

Scuola media Losone, 1972-1974

edited by

Franz Graf, Britta Buzzi-Huppert

21 x 29.5 cm, 64 pp.
13 ill. col., 37 ill. b/w
english / italian
ISBN 9788887624854
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