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29 design studios, 13 diploma studios, 90 courses, 97 lecturers, 121 assistants, 803 students: a year of teaching activity at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Accademia di architettura

Yearbook 2017

24 × 24 cm, 352 pp.
372 ill. b/w, 65 ill. col.
inglese / italian
ISBN 9788887624816
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The purpose of the series “Forty eight pages on teaching architecture” is to witness the ways in which today’s architectural culture is approached and transmitted through teaching. The publications especially focus on the activity of the visiting professors invited at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (architecture as well as other subjects), and thus preserve their cultural contribution.

«One moment is not like another. To wait for the right moment. Or to see the right moment. First this one. Patience. And then the next. Ready to see it. This moment, that is what it is about. This moment, which could be a definition. One of the definitions. Of architecture. On architecture. The moment when things that are seemingly unrelated suddenly and immediately seem to really relate to each other» (Jan De Vylder).

Forty Eight Pages:

Jan De Vylder

14,5 x 19 cm, 52 pp.

49 ill. b/w and col.


italian / english

Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836637232

€ 10 / frs 12.‒


The volume explores the work of Giulio Minoletti (1910-1981), Milanese architect, urbanist and designer, in relation to the various themes embodied in his works. Starting from his scientific and intellectual biography and creative beginnings, already notable for a propensity to absorb  procedures, figures, types of pictorial and graphic composition from other disciplines, particularly the arts, the volume reconstructs Minoletti's position in the post-war debate on urban planning and his commitment to the modernisation of railway stations in Milan; his talent for working in delicate contexts, especially the historic fabric of the city of Milan, where he displayed spatial sensitivity and mastery in calibrating respect for the past with the search for modern solutions (as in the Condominium of superimposed villas at the Giardini d’Arcadia); his skill as a creator of spaces of life and display and “architecture in movement” (including the interior of the famous ETR 300-Settebello electric train and BZ 308 aircraft). These themes are all given a visual compendium in over 900 black-and-white and colour illustrations.

Giulio Minoletti.

Lo spettacolo dell’architettura

edited by

Maria Cristina Loi, Christian Sumi, Annalisa Viati Navone

24 x 28 cm, 704 pp.

746 ill. b/w, 187 ill. col.



Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836637126

€ 55 / frs 60.‒


The Atlas is the outcome of the PNR 65 research on “Public Space in the ‘Città Ticino’ of Tomorrow”.

The research established four territorial units: 1. River Ticino North; 2. River Ticino South; 3. Ceresio Basin; 4. Insubria triangle. The same methodology for analysis and design process is applied to each territorial unit. Each volume of the Atlas collects a series of critical contributions in the form of essays, a complete set of territorial and urbanistic analysis maps, design projects drawings (territorial and urbanistic scale: 1:25’000, 1:5’000), a selection of design studios from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture on topics identified by the research.



Texts by Aurelio Galfetti, Alessandro Balducci, Remigio Ratti, Gianni Biondillo, Mario Botta.

Atlante Città Ticino

4. Comprensorio

Triangolo insubrico

edited by

Michele Arnaboldi


Enrico Sassi

and Francesco Rizzi

26.5 x 38 cm, 224 pp.
126 ill. col., 230 ill. b/w

ISBN 9788887624793
€ 48 / frs 50.–


Yellowred is a publication that concerns architecture projects, built on preexisting architecture, converting, reusing, extending, downsizing or refurbishing it. Its main goal is to illustrate how buildings, in their inevitable transformation process, can be re-used. This publication will collect a number of projects that show a capacity to rediscover in the existing building hidden potentialities, transforming them in opportunities for the re-used building. It wants to talk about the strategies, themes, ideas and advantages of extending the lifespan of an existing structure, which has become a widely diffused practice due to today’s global commitment for what concerns sustainability. On the other hands Yellowred will look at examples from the past, showing that reusing existing buildings has always been part of architects’ concerns, for economic, social or cultural reasons. 


On Reused Architecture
edited by

Martin Boesch, Laura Lupini,

João Machado

21 x 29.5 cm, 176 pp.
150 ill. b/w, 125 ill. col.


Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836636211

€ 29 / frs 29.–