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Tomaso Adamini (1764-1827) and his sons Leone (1789-1854) and Domenico (1792-1860) were among the leading Ticinese architects and builders active in St. Petersburg, by the importance of their works and the duration of their activity, which extended from the last years of the reign of Catherine II until the mid-nineteenth century.

This book presents an annotated and illustrated catalogue of the holdings of their drawings in the Archivio del Moderno in Mendrisio: a fund comprising the drawings made by family members together with autograph sheets attributable to their employees or notable architects of the time: Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli (1700-1771), Giacomo Quarenghi (1744-1817), Jean-François Thomas de Thomon (1759-1813), Carlo Rossi (1775-1849), Giovanni Battista Scotti (1776/77-1830), Alexander Brjullov (1798-1877), André Stackenschneider (1802-1865).

The catalogue is preceded by an extensive essay that frames the work of the Adamini architects in the setting of Russia and St. Petersburg, and within the context of the ​migrations of craft workers characteristic of the Ticinese area.

Nicola Navone
Gli architetti Adamini a San Pietroburgo.
La raccolta dei disegni conservati in Ticino
24 x 28 cm, 256 pp.

160 ill. col., 120 ill. b/w


italian, english abstract

Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836635443

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What does the industrial past of the Alps teach us?

The various studies contained in this volume explore differences and similarities in the protection of the industrial heritage in relation to the evolution of memory and the construction of the heritage in recent decades in the alpine world.

Alpi e patrimonio industriale

edited by

Luigi Lorenzetti

Nelly Valsangiacomo

14.5 x 19 cm, 308 pp.

31 ill. b/w


italian, french, german

ISBN 9788887624786

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The third volume of the “Quaderni” presents the reflections of the architect-professors who compose the Faculty Board of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture-Università della Svizzera italiana. It is not, however, the customary exposition of their vision of the discipline and professional practice. The contributions embody such themes in varying degrees, but above all they present the cultural frame of reference that each architect believes to be the most significant in explaining his or her personality. The term “atlas” in the title should therefore be understood as the set of formative lessons, technological and historical curiosities, aesthetic explorations and intellectual orientations that form the expressive canon of each architect.


Contributions by: Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus, Walter Angonese, Michele Arnaboldi, Valentin Bearth, Riccardo Blumer, Martin Boesch, Mario Botta, Riccardo Blumer, Marianne Burkhalter & Christian Sumi, Antonio Citterio, Marc Collomb, Grafton Architects, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Quintus Miller, João Nunes, Valerio Olgiati, and Jonathan Sergison. 

The Architect’s Atlas

edited by

Bruno Pedretti

19 x 24,5 cm, 252 pp.

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Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836634569

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27 design studios, 14 diploma studios, 90 courses, 98 lecturers, 111 assistants, 801 students: a year of teaching activity at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Academy of Architecture

Yearbook 2016

24 × 24 cm, 348 pp.
422 ill. b/w, 30 ill. col.
english / italian
ISBN 9788887624762
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Promoted by the BSI Architectural Foundation, with the support of the Federal Office for Culture and the Academy of Architecture-USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), and the coordination of the Archivio del Moderno of Mendrisio, the award is given to architects aged under 50, of any nationality, that contributed, thanks to their work, to contemporary architectural culture showing a particular sensitivity towards environmental balance. The candidates are selected by an international committee of advisors made up by renowned architects and architecture critics. Each candidate was required to present to the Judging Panel three completed works.

Fifth edition 2014

Junya Ishigami, Japan


Andrade Morettin Arquitetos, Brazil; Alejandro Aravena/Elemental, Chile; Arquitecturia, Spain; Eduardo Castillo, Chile; Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury/URBANA, Bangladesh; Santiago Cirugeda/Recetas Urbanas, Spain; DRDH Architects, Great Britain; Sou Fujimoto, Japan; HARQUITECTES, Spain; Go Hasegawa, Japan; Grainne Hassett/Hassett Ducatez Architects, Ireland; Anna Heringer, Austria; Anne Holtrop, Holland; Muharraq, Bahrain; Hua Li/TAO Trace Architecture Office, China, Jun Igarashi, Japan; Sebastian Irarrázaval, Chile, Alexia León, Peru, Inês Lobo, Portugal; Made in, Switzerland; Mokena Makeka/Makeka Design Lab, South Africa; O-Office, China; Oualalou + Choi, France-Morocco; Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Chile; Productora, Mexico; SAMI-arquitectos, Portugal; Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam; ZECC Architects, The Netherlands


Swiss Architectural Award

edited by

Nicola Navone
24 x 24 cm, 184 pp.
457 ill. col., 76 ill. b/w

paperback in box

italian / english
Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836635054
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