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Louis Kahn and Venice: human relationships, projects, exhibitions, encounters with students, lectures and significant reflections, as in the lecture he delivered on the roof of the Doge’s Palace, before the domes of St Mark’s Basilica. Each chapter of this liaison develops thoughts on complex issues: the relation between the memory of the past and the culture of the present; the rereading of ancient architecture by a modern visionary; the partnership between architecture and engineering in a Palazzo imagined as a great suspension bridge; the reception of Kahn’s work in Italy and hopes for the project in modern culture. The sum of these experiences reveals Louis Kahn’s reading of Venice, offering insights explored in a historical key and in relation to the problems of the city today.

Texts by: Elisabetta Barizza, Mario Botta, Fulvio Irace, Gabriele Neri, Werner Oechslin.

Louis Kahn e/and Venezia

edited by / a cura di

Elisabetta Barizza, Gabriele Neri

27 x 27 cm, 222 pp.

50 ill. col., 150 ill. b/w


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The book presents a series of installations, conceived and built by Riccardo Blumer’s students at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture. They are a further stage in a distinctive educational process where the fundamental principles of architecture are learned in particular by reflecting on the role of the human body: emphasising its poietic role (the body that builds objects), its scenic potential (the body as a spatial device in motion) and its function as a unit of measurement of the world. The students then identified two areas of investigation to be combined. On the one hand a simple, archetypical architectural theme (door, wall, path, etc.); and on the other, a reflection that investigates physical phenomena and their relation with the body, using electronics, programming, bricolage, etc. The result is a set of installations, which the observer’s body can interact with, and which gives rise to a meditation on the primary themes of architecture.

Atelier Blumer

Seven Automatic Architectures

and other exercises

edited by Gabriele Neri

14 x 22,5 cm, 108 pp.

54 ill. col., 28 ill. b/w


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