of Architecture


Bachelor of Science 2

List of courses


Title of Course Docente Year
Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages D. Mondini BSc2
Art and Architecture of Renaissance and Baroque S. Bettini, C. Mazzarelli BSc2
Building Physics M. Molina BSc2
Construction and Project F. Graf BSc2
Construction Systems and Processes F. Graf BSc2
Digital Representation 2 L. Gilad BSc2
History of Modern Architecture 2 S. Hildebrand BSc2
Intro to Load-Bearing Structures 3 M. Monotti BSc2
Intro to Load-Bearing Structures 4 M. Monotti BSc2
Intro to Sustainable Design M. Petzet BSc2
Project: Housing W. Angonese BSc2
Project: Housing V. Bearth BSc2
Project: Housing M. Pedrozzi BSc2
Project: Housing J.M. Sanchez Garcia BSc2
Territory and Architecture: Interpretations and Interactions F. Bonnet BSc2
Theory and Practice of Public Space M. Vegetti BSc2
Theory of Housing M. Collomb, M. Sciarini BSc2