of Architecture


Introduction to Load-Bearing Structures 4

  • Lecturer
    • Roberto Guidotti

The course, extending over four semesters, addresses static concepts with a graphic approach starting from funicular systems, then promoting control of form in discrete systems and vision of the load flow in continuous structures. The structures of the plane and space are progressively analysed and ordered in a map capable of facilitating the interpretation and design of buildings understood as a combination of elementary structures to ensure the flow of vertical and horizontal loads.

The subject of the fourth part of the course is the design of buildings’ load-bearing structures. This is achieved through the combination of plane structures and space in a complex capable of ensuring the flow of vertical and horizontal loads from point of application to the foundations. The course is enriched with the analysis of some exemplary buildings.

BSc 2 

sem II  

h 24 

ects 2.5


Oral final exam.

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