of Architecture


Forms of Housing

  • Lecturer
    • Matteo Vegetti

Modernity has created new spaces and new forms of housing, both individual and collective. The course investigates their origin and function by starting from a certain places with an outstanding historical-social value: the bourgeois home, hospital, factory, prison, cemeteries, streets, cafés, department stores, “social condensers”, and yet others. It will then consider how these spaces arose and have been modified over time through complex mechanisms that bring into close relationship architecture and science, economics and morality, ideology and the places of production of knowledge. The search for the historical and social significance of places seeks to help increase the students’ ability to interpret space practised in all its cultural complexity, sharpening a specific sensitivity to relations between housing and the built environment.


sem I

h 24

ects 2.5


Paper and oral final exam.

Examination Mode