of Architecture


Engineers and the Alps

  • Lecturer
    • Luigi Lorenzetti

For centuries the Alps have been a space of political, cultural and economic intersection. Taking our cue from this character, the course offers a historical reading of the models and practices of land appropriation and use with the aim of grasping the current nodes regarding access to land resources and assessing the complex dynamics of the relationship between the Alps and the “outside world”. In this perspective, the course is organized around three main parts. In addition to analysing the historical evolution of property systems present in the Alps and bringing out the effects of the affirmation of the modern concept of individual private property, the course questions the relationship between property and belonging in the light of the current debate on what are termed “common-pool resources” (air, water, landscape, biodiversity, the artistic and natural heritage, etc.).


sem I

h 24

ects 2.5


Written final exam.

Examination Mode