of Architecture


To Modernize or to Ecologize?

  • Lecturers
    • Sascha Roesler

Storage buildings, although of fundamental significance for the survival of societies, often have an anonymous architectural character. They have been erected under pragmatic and economic circumstances, without great consideration by individual architects. On the other hand storage buildings have been an important driver for innovation in the field of architecture and construction. At the centre of the seminar, however, are the microclimatic strategies to save things and to store goods. We will discuss a large number of storage structures and their associated passive and active strategies. We will explore, amongst other things, storehouses, museums, tobacco barns, and scientific laboratories and their need to provide particular microclimatic conditions. In the seminar, we will examine how structural and microclimatic approaches are intertwined in the case of storage buildings.


sem II

h 24

ects 2.5


Oral exam during the semester.

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