of Architecture


Integrated Digital Tools 1

  • Lecturer
    • Jean-Lucien Gay

The course focuses on complex geometries and advanced 3D modelling as a design tool, introducing students to a range of digital techniques emerging in the profession of architecture. Structured as an iterative process, it focuses on the bridges between analog and digital techniques. The course is based on Rhino, an application widely used in contemporary design practices. Each student proceeds through a series of tutorials intended to gain familiarity with digital production techniques and to encourage the use of the computer as a creative tool. On a theoretical level, the course includes a series of lectures on the use of digital technologies in the architecture of the last twenty years, illustrating the evolution of computer-based techniques from NURBS modeling to parametric design.


sem I

h 24

ects 2.5


Tasks during the semester, oral final exam.

Examination Mode