of Architecture


Master of Science 2

List of courses


20th Century Architectural Heritage R. Grignolo MSc1
20th Century Interiors R. Grignolo MSc1
Advanced Construction Systems and Materials C. Nozza MSc1
Architects and the Urbanization Process A. Bideau Msc1
Architecture in Ticino, 1945-2000 N. Navone Msc1
Artworks in Architecture S. Martinoli MSc1

Bergamo: Economy and Society

A. Calafati MSC1
Building an Empire: Roman Architecture V. Ivanovici Msc1
Building Integrated Sutainability A. Roscetti MSc1

Construction Archetypes and Materials of Pre-Industrial Architecture

C. Dusi Msc1
Construction Details 2 M. Bonetti MSc1
Construction Techniques of the 20th Century F. Graf Msc1
Cultures of Sustainability R. Mancini MSc1
Elements of History and Theory of Photography V. Tescari Msc1

Engineers and the Alps

L. Lorenzetti MSc1
Forms of Housing M. Vegetti Msc1
Generative Processes of the Landscape M. Voser MSc1
High Culture and Low in the Modern Arts B. Pedretti MSc1
Instruments and Methods of Analysis of 20th Century Architecture F. Albani Msc1
Integrated Digital Tools 1 J.-L. Gay Msc1
Integrated Digital Tools 2 J-L. Gay, S. Oesterle Msc1
Integrated Digital Tools 3 J-L. Gay, S. Oesterle MSc1
Italian Design 1945-2017 G. Neri Msc1
Leadership in Architecture A. Paulus Msc1
Lexicon of Architectural Critique B. Pedretti Msc1
Lighting in the 20th Century Architecture G. Sampaoli MSc1
Los Angeles and its Architecture (1900-1970) M. Brunner MSc1
Modern and Contemporary Aesthetics N. Emery Msc1
Museology and Museography C. Mazzarelli MSc1
Paper Spaces V. Tescari MSc1
Pergamon: from Antiquity to Postmodern C. Frank Msc1
Postwar Architecture in Italy and Germany S. Hildebrand, M. Trentini Msc1
Project: Various Typologies F. Aires Mateus, M. Aires Mateus Msc1
Project: Various Typologies M. Arnaboldi Msc1
Project: Various Typologies R. Blumer Msc1
Project: Various Typologies M. Boesch Msc1
Project: Various Typologies F. Bonnet Msc1
Project: Various Typologies Jeanne Della Casa
Sylvie Pfaehler
Project: Various Typologies P. Durisch, A. Nolli Msc1
Project: Various Typologies P. Eckert, W. Eckert Msc1
Project: Various Typologies A. Holtrop Msc1
Project: Various Typologies G. Guidotti MSc1
Project: Various Typologies B. Jain MSc1
Project: Various Typologies D.F. Kéré MSc1
Project: Various Typologies Q. Miller Msc1
Project: Various Typologies J. Nunes, J. Gomes da Silva Msc1
Project: Various Typologies V. Olgiati Msc1
Project: Various Typologies J. Sergison Msc1
Project: Various Typologies R. Tropeano MSc1
Project: Various Typologies P. Zermani Msc1
Recycle, Post-Productions, Heterotopias N. Emery MSc1
Representing the Collective A. Bideau MSc1
Scenography M. Rota-Palli Msc1
Social Architecture S. Hildebrand MSc1
Sound Space R. Favaro Msc1
Spatial Development G.P. Torricelli Msc1
Structures and Mathematics in Dialogue M. Monotti, P. Venzi Msc1
Structures in Architecture R. Guidotti Msc1
Styles and Techniques of Cinema M. Müller MSc1
Sustainability Lab M. Petzet Msc1
Sustainable Strategies A. Roscetti Msc1
The Bauhaus: A Conceptual Model A. Jäggi MSc1
The Changing Landscape M. Voser Msc1
The Design of Light in the Renaissance S. Bettini Msc1
The European Cities in the 19th Century R. Leggero Msc1
The Industry of the Baroque A. Amendola MSc1
The Renaissance in Lombardy and Ticino M. Moizi MSc1

To Modernize or to Ecologize?

S. Roesler, M. Kobi MSc1
Urban Geography G.P. Torricelli Msc1
Urban Strategies: Projects and Effects A. Calafati MSc1
Why History? E. Chestnova MSc1
Workshop: Building Reality D.F. Kéré Msc1
Workshop: Filming Architecture M. Müller,

H. Emigholz

Workshop: Protection of the Architectural Heritage N. Caviezel Msc1