of Architecture


Atelier Pedrozzi

  • Lecturer
    • Martino Pedrozzi


Martino Pedrozzi, Accademia di architettura


sem I + II

h 448

ects 15 + 15


The second-year studio offers the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the first year, gain experience of fundamental issues in architecture and finally enable the student to explore the methods of professional practice.

Each studio session will work on a housing project, one of the commonest and most representative topics in professional practice, on which the students have acquired a certain personal experience.

During the first the semester the detached house will provide an opportunity to deal with a personalized program, with the specifics of landscape and topography, as well as the materialization of architecture and the constructional detail.

The following semester will be devoted to the study and  analysis of the exclusive and specific issues bound up with collective housing.

A course in the Theory of Housing and a seminar in Construction and Design will complete the studio program.

Final critiques.

Examination Mode