of Architecture


Atelier Boesch

  • Lecturer
    • Martin Boesch
Atelier Boesch, photo Alberto Canepa



sem I + II

ects 15 + 15


Working on existing buildings has always been a significant part of the wide field of architecture.

Within the scope of the curriculum of architecture, the issue entails the approach to be adopted towards the subject as such.

Students need to become aware of its existence and the possibilities and potential it offers.

We believe that every building is part of our built heritage, and if the term “reuse” is applied to this course, we would like it to be understood less as an instruction imparted a priori and more as a part of the study of ways of dealing with an existing building: an approach which does not even exclude demolition and replacement as the ultima ratio.
The starting point is the built edifice and a precise understanding of its tangible and intangible values, its resources and limitations, its solidity and its vulnerability.

The subject is treated with both detachment and empathy. Work on an existing building is a slow discipline.

Final critiques.

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