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Atelier Durisch and Nolli

  • Lecturers
    • Pia Durisch
    • Aldo Nolli
Atelier Durisch e Nolli



sem I + II

ects 15 + 15


School and the City: Space of Education

With the project for the Fondazione Feltrinelli at Porta Volta, Herzog & de Meuron have shown how to deal in a paradigmatic and contemporary way with the urban fabric of Milan: through a master plan and the completion of the main building, which has redeveloped what for decades was a wasteland to the great benefit of the community. Structure and repetition are the main themes of the new architecture. On the basis of H&dM’s master plan the students will be asked to formulate their project: a new school building, acting as a place of social focus for the community, with contents that go beyond the educational. The theme will be to design an ensemble of dedicated spaces and pluralistic collective environments for education, the community, culture, socialising and the common good.

Final critiques.

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