of Architecture


Atelier Nunes and Gomes da Silva

  • Lecturers
    • João Nunes
    • João Gomes da Silva
Atelier Nines, photo Alberto Canepa



sem I + II

ects 15 + 15


Atelier Nunes Gomes da Silva, photo Alberto Canepa

The studio works on the methodology of project connected with context. Project, used as method for landscape research themes, is developed at a preliminary level but with a realistic study that confirms its construction possibilities. General aspects of landscape construction are studied, as the concepts of transformation and overlaying and a summary theoretical approach to the concept of landscape is presented as an introduction to the project. Research on themes of landscape dynamics is used to generate project tools that can actively guide processes of landscape transformation. Time is presented as a central element in project process and in other non projectual processes of landscape construction. The studio works with special attention on the representation of the project exploring dynamic and static features of the landscape.

Final critiques.

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