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Museology and Museography

  • Lecturer
    • Carla Mazzarelli

From Private Space to Public Space

The museum as a public place grew up with the Enlightenment and was defined as such in the context of European culture and in close connection with academic institutions between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The course seeks to examine when and how the private spaces of collecting – Renaissance studiolo, Baroque galleries and Wunderkammern –  grew into the museum as a community space, a central theme of reflection also in the theory of modern and contemporary culture (Valéry, Benjamin, Baudrillard, etc.) Field trips to museums and collections will be an integral part of the course: in this way we will set ourselves the objective of integrating historical-critical study with direct analysis of the relevant places.


sem II

h 48

ects 5.0


Oral final exam.

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