of Architecture



  • Lecturer
    • Margherita Palli

Material and immaterial

Architecture and scenography are a combination of similar but opposing arts; the one eternal and immortal, the other ephemeral. Twelve lessons to recount the scenic space, stage direction and costume. The purpose of the course is to analyse the evolution of scenic space in relation to the contemporary mis en scène and stage direction from the 20th century to the present. The final exercise recapitulating the course is a stage set/installation to be designed after analysing the text and characters of Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Scandale aux abysses. Deconstructing the text, searching its empty spaces for a possible representation of a place that is both material and immaterial. Dismantling and composing the text by placing it in a thermal or aquatic setting; transforming, furnishing and dressing in keeping with the dramaturgy.


sem I

h 24

ects 2.5


Tasks during the semester and oral final exam.

Examination Mode