of Architecture


Workshop: Building Reality

  • Lecturer
    • Diébédo Francis Kéré

This workshop will seek to combine the aspirational aesthetic qualities of Western construction with the practical, culturally relevant qualities of traditional methods and materials. Students will be part of an exchange of knowledge, by living and working in a community very different from their own. Learning will take place through building together, finding local materials, assessing their quality and suitability, learning how to use and protect them, and finding ways of turning raw materials, such as local wood and clay, into high quality building elements. The students will continue to work on the project “atelier Gando” in Burkina Faso, an accommodation for future students and a workshop also for the local population. Currently the construction is stuck at 1/3 of the entire building.


weeks 6

ects 7.5


Final critiques.

Examination Mode