of Architecture




The structure, designed by the same Zurich-based architects as designed Palazzo Canavée, covers an area of 350 square meters. It hosts all the exhibitions, both those presented by the Academy and those organized by leading institutions, authorities and foundations with which the school has close ties.
Each year the program includes a series of exhibitions in which the themes of urban planning, architecture and contemporary art alternate with exhibitions devoted to the work of the architects-teachers at the Academy and the students’ Diploma projects.

  • Director
    • Marc Collomb
  • Dean’s Office Coordinator
    • Marco Della Torre
  • Responsible
    • Stefania Murer
Esposizione BSI Swiss Architectural Award 2012
Esposizione Mimmo Jodice. CIttà Sublimi
Esposizione BSI Swiss Architectural Award 2012
Esposizione MAD 2012. Mostra sull'attività didattica
Esposizione Villa Katsura. La villa imperiale, fotografie di Ishimoto Yashuiro
Esposizione Nuova Capanna Monte Rosa