of Architecture


Integrated Computational Tools

  • Lecturers
    • Jean-Lucien Gay
    • Silvan Oesterle

Conceived as an expansion of Integrated Digital Tools, the course focuses on parametric approaches and programming as a design tool, exploring the potential of advanced computational techniques for architecture. Mostly based on Grasshopper, an algorithmic modeling plug-in for Rhino, it encourages students to playfully explore the potential of computation as a creative tool. The students proceed through a series of design tutorials from physical modeling to computation and back, learning how to control structures and geometries using custom digital design techniques. On a theoretical level, the course provides a glimpse of the avant-garde research in the field of computational architecture as well as the innovative use of such technologies in design practice on all scales.


sem II

h 24

ects 2.5


Tasks during the semester, oral final exam.

Examination Mode