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Doctoral studies


Admission to doctoral studies is possible for:

  • Holders of a Master of Science in Architecture (Diploma) awarded by the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture-USI
  • Holders of a Master of Arts / of Science in Architecture awarded by one of the Swiss Polytechnical School (ETHZ, EPFL), or by a university which has specific agreements with the USI
  • Holders of a Master of Arts in Human Sciences or in other fields and/or other university institutions judged relevant and equivalent for the purpose of the thesis by the Doctoral Board.

The applicant is required to propose a thesis project that is structured and detailed in both methodology and objectives (no guidelines are provided) to a professor of the Academy willing to be the thesis director. Without this it is not possible to ask for admission to the doctoral studies. The course envisages the traditional formula of work carried out independently by the candidate under the supervision of a full professor of the Academy. Currently it is possible to undertake doctoral studies in the following field and with the following professors:


Thesis Project

Theme Lecturer E-mail
History and Theory of Art and Architecture

prof. C. Frank

prof. S. Hildebrand

prof. D. Mondini




Restoration of 20th Century
Architectural Legacy
prof. ass. R. Grignolo roberta.grignolo@usi.ch
Construction prof. F. Graf franz.graf@usi.ch
Bearing Structures prof. M. Monotti mario.monotti@usi.ch


Other fields of interest will be examined on a case-by-case basis.