of Architecture


The Renaissance in Lombardy and Ticino

  • Lecturer
    • Mirko Moizi

The course will focus on the study of architecture and the figurative arts in the territories of the Duchy of Milan between c. 1450 and 1530. It will explore the figures who characterise the art of the period, from the outsiders Donato Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci to the locals Vincenzo Foppa, Bramantino, Bernardino Luini and Cristoforo Solari. The most important sacred buildings in the Duchy will also be analysed, making it possible to examine various issues related to the management of building sites, the engineer-architect’s role and its evolution in the Renaissance context of Lombardy, relations between artists and clients, the dynamics of the workshop and the spread of stylistic innovations developed in the major cities to outlying zones of the Duchy.

MSc 1

sem II 

h 24

ects 2.5


Oral final exam.

Examination Mode