of Architecture


20th-Century Interiors

  • Lecturer
    • Roberta Grignolo

History, conservation and reuse

It is only with difficulty that the modern interior space, notable for the presence of cultural values ​​and concrete properties, is considered an object to be preserved. There are no instruments of interpretation to appreciate its architectural qualities, crucial even in interior design today. The course provides the theoretical-critical tools to grasp modern interiors in their material richness (genre, type, distribution, spatial qualities, decor, polychromy, technical devices) and immaterial values (use and function in their symbolic-cultural aspects). Case studies guide the development of strategies and solutions coherent with a given internal space (public interiors compared with the evolution of uses, feasibility studies for compatible uses, museumisation).

MSc 1

sem II

h 24

ects 2.5


Oral final exam.

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