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Public lectures 2010-11


During the year the protagonists of today's design culture spoke about their work. And if the Diploma (thesis) projects explored the city of London, even in the ambit of events the Academy winked at the many-sided British capital by inviting some of its leading figures.
In a school like the Academy, where the humanities have a particularly prominent place, intellectuals active in fields related to architecture also made their voices heard. This year it was the turn of Gabriele Basilico and Hélène Binet, who presented their ideas about the points of contact between architecture and photography, two of the central languages of contemporaneity. And the speakers at the annual public lecture of the Association of the Friends of the Academy were the scientists Arnaldo Benini and Mario De Caro.


Lecturer Date
Francisco Mangado 14 October 2010
Gabriele Basilico 28 October 2010
Miller & Maranta 25 November 2010
Hélène Binet 17 March 2011
David Chipperfield 24 March 2011
Tony Fretton 7 April 2011
Arnaldo Benini
Mario de Caro *
12 May 2011


* organized by Associazione Amici dell'Accademia di architettura 

  • Director
    • Valentin Bearth
  • Coordinator
    • Amanda Prada