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institute for the Contemporary Urban Project



The institute for the Contemporary Urban Project (i.CUP) was founded in 2004 and concerns itself mainly with research in the field of the Culture of the Territory, strategic planning and design of systems, infrastructures and architectures. The territory is often read as an aesthetic and scenic phenomenon, as landscape.

The i.CUP’s aim – without rejecting subjectivity in territorial analysis – is to engage in objective and scientific study, on the basis of parameters that include quantitative factors: mobility, transport, energy consumption, sustainability, reuse of existing architectures, impact of new infrastructures, economic capacity of the territory, etc.

And integral part of the i.CUP’s activities is the education and training of researchers and the transfer of knowledge to students. The i.CUP also engages in the management, preparation and distribution of cartographic and planimetric materials for activities in the design studios which require them.

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