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Library of Technology and Materials



The Library of Technology and Materials is involved in the research, collection, acquisition, modification and display of technical documentation (catalogues, legislation, CDs), historical and contemporary literature (books, manuals, periodicals), material evidence, samples and models and both historical and current building, with the aim of enhancing cultural, humanistic and historical aspects of technology, integrated it with the technical and contemporary.
The catalogue uses a mixed system, run in collaboration with the Library of the Academy and the CDM of the SUPSI.

  • Scientific officer
    • Franz Graf
  • Responsible BTM
    • Britta Buzzi
  • Collaborator BTM
    • Elena Poma

The catalogue uses a mixed system, managed in partnership with the Academy Library and the Documentation and Materials Centre (CDM) of the SUPSI in Lugano.
The monographs and technical manuals in the BTM are catalogued in accordance with  LuMen of the Academy Library, which offers a wider choice of the literature.
The documents and models related to technology and periodicals (e.g. the journal “Detail”) are indexed by the BTM.
Catalogues and samples are catalogued in accordance with the materials database managed by the CDM-SUPSI.


Many documents and materials are available for reference and “flying loans” (1-7 days).

Reference and loans

The technical and constructional consultancy for projects in the studio sessions is run by the chair of Construction and Technology, coordinated by Professor Franz Graf.



The constructional aspect is dealt with in the design studios and in “Architecture & Materials”.



The construction project is integrated into the course “Construction and Design” (SP).

Reference assistants: Britta Buzzi (britta.huppertbuzzi@usi.ch) and Carlo Dusi (carlo.dusi@usi.ch).



No specific consultancy service is provided for the construction project.
Specific requests should be submitted to Professor Franz Graf and will be evaluated by the teaching staff.



Consultancy service is provided for the construction project in coordination with the design studios.
Assistants: Carlo Dusi (carlo.dusi@usi.ch), Carlo Nozza (carlo.nozza@usi.ch)


Technical consultancy for construction projects