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ISA Lecture
The A of Architecture. Reflections on the Principles of a Profession

Matthias Schirren (Institite for the History and Theory of Architecture, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern)

Mercoledì 21 marzo 2018, ore 18.30
Palazzo Canavée, Aula C3.89

What do architects do when they build? Is what they do more than building? And how can architecture be distinguished from solely building. What could be called the decisive difference between an architect and somebody like Bob the Builder? Is it just a dress coat which makes the difference? Or, is it a mental dress coat with a fabric from ancient times as the etymology of the word architect seems to tell us?

The lecture deals with the constantly changing principles of the architectural profession which nevertheless always contained one point at any time: that point which makes the difference.

Prof. Dr. phil. Matthias Schirren is holding the chair of History and Theory of Architecture at the faculty of Architecture, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (FATUK). He curated various exhibitions on leading figures of 20th and 21st century architecture (Hans Poelzig, Hugo Häring, Richard Meier).He published numerous books and articles on art, architecture and urban planning of the 19th century until today.Recent publications include, amongst others,: „Dynamisierung des Urbanen. Stadtbilder der historischen Avantgarden" (The Dynamification of Urban Space. Cityscapes of the Historic Avantgardes, in: Anthologie zum Städtebau, eds. Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Katia Frey, Eliana Perotti, Berlin 2014, Bd. II.2, pp.729–845 (in collaboration with Sylvia Claus) as well as „Kampf und Kunst. Theodor Fischers Städtebaulehre“ (Fight and Art. Theodor Fischer Teaching Urban Planning, in: Die Stuttgarter Städtebauschule, eds. Johann Jessen und Klaus Jan Philipp, Stuttgart 2015.

Further information (publications and exhibitions): http://www.uni-kl.de/FB-ARUBI/gta/GTA_Personen.htm




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