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Building reality

Winter School

Workshop Building Reality 2016

Atelier Kéré

  • Lecturer
    • Diébédo Francis Kéré
  • Assistants
    • Alberto Pottenghi

Mozanbique, Afrique


5 weeks
30 december 2017 - 3 february 2018


In the recent past Africa has experienced a move away from traditional building methods and people have begun to copy architectural styles from developed countries.
These are however inappropriate for the climate and economy in countries where, for example, people cannot afford hi-tech air conditioning systems. In a reversal of this attitude, as climatic and economic crises are affecting the entire globe, the basic characteristics of traditional African architecture are becoming more desirable in the West: sustainable, passive, low maintenance buildings.
This workshop will seek to combine the aspirational aesthetic qualities of Western construction with the practical, culturally relevant qualities of traditional methods and materials. Students will be part of an exchange of knowledge, by living and working in a community very different from their own.
Learning will take place through building together, finding local materials, assessing their quality and suitability, learning how to use and protect them, and finding ways of turning raw materials, such as local wood and clay, into high quality building elements.
The students will develop their skills in handcrafting and discover new technics that improve the architectural and experiential quality of their buildings.
The workshop will be based on the principle of starting at a small scale, but using a replicable model of development that can grow and expand over time.
Once back the partecipants will pass on the knowledge and skills that they have gained. This spread of knowledge is our principal aim.

The workshop

Workshop Building Reality 2016