of Architecture


Public lectures 2012-13


The Academy of Architecture has established itself as an international university institution in part through its intense cultural activities, which include important public lectures. The lectures are delivered not only some of the outstanding names in architecture, but the Academy has also welcomed many distinguished figures in ecology, film-making, philosophy and art.
This year’s lecture program across the two semesters will feature three cycles of encounters. The first, planned with the assistance of the Institute for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture (ISA), will explore the theme "The Work of Man". The protagonist will be the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, the holder of the first Cattedra Borromini in our school for the academic year 2012-2013. The second cycle, "Finis Urbis", dealing with the relationship between the city and globalization, will take the form of four discussions with planners, architects and historians of the city. Finally, four architects from different cultures and backgrounds have accepted our invitations to present themselves to the community of the Academy and the interested public by telling us about their work.

  • Director
    • Mario Botta
  • Responsible
    • Marco Della Torre