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Archivio del Moderno


This work is a complete catalogue of the drawings by Giacomo Quarenghi (1744-1817) kept at the state Museum of History of St Petersburg. It offers a remarkable record of the quality and scale of the work done by the Bergamo-born architect at the court of the tsars.

An English version of the catalogue texts is provided at the end of the book.

Disegni di Giacomo Quarenghi.
La raccolta del Museo statale

della Storia di San Pietroburgo
edited by

Al’bina Pavelkina
24 x 28 cm, 232 pp.
120 ill. col., 115 ill. b/w
italian / english

ISBN 8887624216
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The broadest and most closely examined survey of the Italian sources of Russian neoclassicism, a style which from the second half of the 18th century gave form and identity to St Petersburg, raising it to the level of a modern and “enlightened” European capital.

But it is a style that can also be retraced to Moscow and to the cities of southern Russia, where it serves to bring about architectural and town-planning renewal.

The work, resulting from collaboration between western and Russian scholars, offers an innovative (artistic but also social) picture of one of the most fruitful periods in Russian history, stretching from Catherine II’s accession to the throne in 1762 to the death of her grandson, Tsar Alexander I in 1825.

Dal mito al progetto.
La cultura architettonica

dei maestri italiani e ticinesi

nella Russia neoclassica
edited by

Nicola Navone, Letizia Tedeschi
2 voll., 24 x 28 cm, XXIV-936 pp.
306 ill. col., 384 ill. b/w
hardcover in slipcase

ISBN 8887624224
€ 160 / frs 240.–


The wooden bridges of Wettingen, Reichenau and Sciaffusa, built by the brothers Johannes and Hans Ulrich Grubenmann, were in the second half of the 18th century much admired and studied by scholars, engineers and architects.

Among these was the British John Soane (1753-1837), who did drawings of them which emphasized their technological and structural aspect. He also made them the subject of some of his famous Lecturers at the Royal Academy in London.

John Soane and the Wooden Bridges of Switzerland.
Architecture and the Culture

of Technology

from Palladio to the Grubenmanns
edited by

Angelo Maggi, Nicola Navone
24 x 24 cm, 224 pp.
44 ill. col., 106 ill. b/w
ISBN 8887624240
€ 45 / frs 70.–


As an architect and many-sided artist, a figure linking Central European and Mediterranean culture, Weidemeyer worked in Bremen and Willingen in Germany. He then settled in Ticino, becoming a promoter of Rationalist architecture (Teatro San Materno in Ascona, 1928) and conducting research into design that embodied the morphology of the site, landscape, climate and vegetation.

Carl Weidemeyer


Artista e architetto

tra Worpswede e Ascona

edited by

Bruno Maurer, Letizia Tedeschi

24 x 28 cm, 308 pp.

83 ill. col. and 365 ill. b/w


italian / german


ISBN 8884910412

€ 56,81 / frs 85.-


Collected into this book are the contributions by Carlo Cattaneo (1801-1869) to the debate on the building of the trans-Alpine railway, viewed by the author from the perspective of a system of communication between ever wider and more complex cultures, whose civilised values he believed were not inferior to their economic ones.

Carlo Cattaneo
Scritti sulle trasversali alpine
edited by

Fabio Minazzi
24 x 24 cm, 328 pp.
120 ill. b/w

ISBN 8887624283
€ 33 / frs 50.–

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Texts by Evandro Agazzi, Fabio Minazzi, Jacques Gubler, Letizia Tedeschi, Claudio Ferrata, Aurelio Galfetti, Raffaele Peduzzi, Aurelio Muttoni.

Progetto e territorio.
Gli assi di transito

e le trasformazioni territoriali

del Cantone Ticino
edited by

Aurelio Galfetti, Letizia Tedeschi
17 x 24 cm, 124 pp.
ill. b/w and col.
ISBN 8887624291
€ 16,3 / frs 25.–

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Una selezione di disegni e documenti provenienti dagli archivi familiari degli architetti ticinesi Adamini e Gilardi, originari di Bigogno d’Agra e Montagnola, e attivi a San Pietroburgo e a Mosca tra la fine del XVIII e la metà del XIX secolo.

Architetti neoclassici ticinesi

fra Neva e Moscova.
I fondi grafici degli archivi

Adamini e Gilardi
edited by

Piervaleriano Angelini,

Nicola Navone, Alessandra Pfister
17 x 24 cm, 108 pp.
ill. col.

ISBN 8887624119
€ 19,6 / frs 30.–

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The book brings together and arranges, for the first time, everything written by Gillo Dorfles about architecture: from the texts of 1930, published when he was only 20, to his essay on Gehry’s Guggenheim of 1998.

The work is completed by a fully updated bibliography of Dorfles’ writings: over 2500 titles ranging from books and catalogues to contributions to magazines and miscellaneous other texts.

Gillo Dorfles
Scritti di architettura
edited by

Letizia Tedeschi
24 x 24 cm, 236 pp.
178 ill. b/w

ISBN 8887624097
€ 45 / frs 70.–


This work records the migratory flow which between the 19th and 20th centuries witnessed the departure, by numerous inhabitants of the Cantone Ticino from the Lugano and the Malcantone districts, to “try their fortune” (and successfully, too) in Argentina. In particular, the text concentrates on the contribution by Ticinese clients to the realisation of large-scale projects in Mendoza, Rosario and in the transformation of Buenos Aires into a modern metropolis.

Mercedes Daguerre
La costruzione di un mito.
Ticinesi d’Argentina: committenza

e architettura 1850-1940
24 x 24 cm, 184 pp.
88 ill. b/w


ISBN 8886486162
€ 26 / frs 40.–


The book documents the Ticino’s rich archival heritage, illustrating exemplary cases of archives preserved at public and private institutions and foundations that have undertaken to defend the cultural inheritance and its architectural memories.

Texts by Letizia Tedeschi, Werner Oechslin, Bruno Maurer, Pierre Frey, Paolo Fumagalli, Nicola Navone, Antonio Gili, Elfi Rüsch, Andrea Giovannini.

Archivi e architetture.
Presenze nel Cantone Ticino
edited by

Letizia Tedeschi
24 x 24 cm, 292 pp.
250 ill. b/w and col.

ISBN 8886486154
€ 36 / frs 50.–