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Quaderni dell'Accademia


Architecture and Knowledge, as the volume’s title effectively anticipates, presents numerous essays exploring the multiple forms of knowledge involved in architectural art. The contributions speak of the relations between architecture and technology, political thought, planning, philosophy, history, hermeneutics, anthropology, psychology and aesthetics. This, however, does not take the form of an encroachment on other disciplinary fields, but confirms the “holistic” structure of architecture, an art that in its exercise must inevitably draw on a broad range of cultural and scientific instruments.

Architecture as an open art, enriched by the dialogue with multiple forms of knowledge, is, moreover, the most precious legacy we receive from the great architectural works of history, from both the remote past and modernity.


Texts by: Tim Benton, Silvia Berselli, Veronica Biermann, Matthias Brunner, Howard Burns, Jasper Cepl, Elena Chestnova, Michael Gnehm, Roberta Grignolo, Natalie Heger, Sonja Hildebrand, Daniela Mondini, Sascha Roesler, Angelika Schnell

Architettura e saperi

Architecture and Knowledge

a cura di / edited by

Sonja Hildebrand, Daniela Mondini,

Roberta Grignolo

19 x 24.5 cm, 248 pp.

97 ill. col., 55 ill. b/w


italian, english

Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836639748

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The third volume of the “Quaderni” presents the reflections of the architect-professors who compose the Faculty Board of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture-Università della Svizzera italiana. It is not, however, the customary exposition of their vision of the discipline and professional practice. The contributions embody such themes in varying degrees, but above all they present the cultural frame of reference that each architect believes to be the most significant in explaining his or her personality. The term “atlas” in the title should therefore be understood as the set of formative lessons, technological and historical curiosities, aesthetic explorations and intellectual orientations that form the expressive canon of each architect.


Contributions by: Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus, Walter Angonese, Michele Arnaboldi, Valentin Bearth, Riccardo Blumer, Martin Boesch, Mario Botta, Riccardo Blumer, Marianne Burkhalter & Christian Sumi, Antonio Citterio, Marc Collomb, Grafton Architects, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Quintus Miller, João Nunes, Valerio Olgiati, and Jonathan Sergison. 

The Architect’s Atlas

edited by

Bruno Pedretti

19 x 24,5 cm, 252 pp.

160 ill. col., 120 ill. b/w


english / italian

Silvana Editoriale

ISBN 9788836634569

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Increasingly, and today even urgently, architecture needs to be understood as an interdisciplinary culture that deals with the organization of the living space, because the world beyond it is inevitably dominated by individual branches of knowledge, whether technical, engineering, scientific, organizational and even aesthetic. And if the logic of specialized spheres of competence gains the upper hand, these fields of knowledge will be transformed from indispensable contributions into precepts that reduce the project to a collage of solutions, with overall results that will be dismal. To prevent architecture from ending up relegated to the destiny of a technical service or mere aesthetic entertainment, it is essential to continuously rethink the design process in ways that will reinforce the figure of a total operator.

Texts by Werner Oechslin, Stefano Musso, Bruno Pedretti, Christoph Frank, Sonja Hildebrand, Annemarie Jaeggi, Fulvio Irace, Manfredo di Robilant.

Projects by: Atelier Cube, Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus, Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Mario Botta, Bonell and Gil, Aurelio Galfetti.

L’architetto generalista
edited by
Christoph Frank, Bruno Pedretti
19 x 24.5 cm, 320 pp.
126 ill. col., 90 ill. b/w
italian, english abstracts
Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836624607
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The first issue of the “Quaderni dell’Accademia di architettura”, a periodical which presents contributions and testimonies of the school’s many activities (not just its teaching), is devoted to the recovery of the architectural heritage. This theme, of particular relevance to the contemporary design scene, is explored by scholars, who shed light on the relevant theoretical, historical and social factors, and by architect-professors who, through the presentation of a number of their projects, highlight the different strategies of intervention in the built.

Texts by Bruno Reichlin, Franz Graf, Bernhard Furrer, Claude Raffestin, Bruno Pedretti, Roberta Grignolo.
Projects by: Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Miller & Maranta, Burkhalter Sumi, E. & M. Boesch, Mario Botta.

Riuso del patrimonio

edited by

Bruno Reichlin, Bruno Pedretti
19 x 24.5 cm, 144 pp.

170 ill. b/w and col.
italian, english abstracts

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836620760
€ 20 / frs 25.–