of Architecture


Exhibitions 2006-07


Each year the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture presents a rich program of exhibitions. Officially opened in academic year 2005-2006, the Gallery hosts exhibitions on architecture, urban planning, art and photography: monographic exhibitions, devoted to professionals and artists with international reputations, rapidly growing cities, buildings with distinctive design histories. But the space is also used for illustrating the results of teaching and researches conducted by the Academy in collaboration with Foundations and Institutes.

  • Direction
    • Josep Acebillo
  • Assistants
    • Stefania Murer
    • Anna Santi
  • Logistics
    • Stefano Passerini

The exhibition presented examples of works by talented architects from different generations and tendencies. It provided an opportunity for understanding the city in its boundless urban fabric, as well as the colourful vocabulary of local architecture.


Mexican Architectures
2 November – 3 December 2006
curated by

Miquel Adriá

The exhibition presented an immense megalopolis, one of the fastest growing examples of urban expansion worldwide, with a panoramic survey of the recent major architectural projects of transformation in the quest for a post-Soviet identity.

New Moscow 4
14 December – 25 January 2007
curated by

Irina Korobina

Chandigarh and Brasilia are the most ambitious and contradictory examples of newly founded Functionalist and Rationalist cities. The exhibition surveys the historical contexts of the construction of the two capitals and a comparison between their celebrated respective architects and urban planners, Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer.

Twilight of the Plan:

Chandigarh and Brasilia
8 February – 18 March 2007
curated by

Maristella Casciato

Stanislaus von Moos

The exhibition presented a panorama of the transformations in progress in the city and the metropolitan area of the principal metropolis in the African continent, revealing how the major projects become antiapartheid strategies for the resolution of the major social tensions and the transformation of the financial and tertiary economy.


Emerging / Diverging Metropolis
3 April – 10 May 2007
curated by

Lindsay Bremner, Pep Subirós

The exhibition offered an attentive analysis of the urban evolution of the three principal Chinese cities through three themes (history, complexity, current life of the inhabitants) and a selection of radical and efficient urban contemporary projects, confirming in the Chinese spirit an aptitude for the construction of infrastructures, urban systems, public and residential buildings of great impact and functionality.

Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing:
Three Chinese Venues
24 May – 29 June 2007
curated by

Wowo Ding