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Exhibitions 2007-08


Each year the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture presents a rich program of exhibitions. Officially opened in academic year 2005-2006, the Gallery hosts exhibitions on architecture, urban planning, art and photography: monographic exhibitions, devoted to professionals and artists with international reputations, rapidly growing cities, buildings with distinctive design histories. But the space is also used for illustrating the results of teaching and researches conducted by the Academy in collaboration with Foundations and Institutes.

  • Director
    • Valentin Bearth
  • Responsible
    • Stefania Murer
  • Logistics
    • Pasquale Carminati
    • Marco Corti
    • Francesco Talaia

The anthological exhibition highlighted the way the work of the Portuguese master grows out of the profound act of observing the fragments of a complex reality and then translating them into a sign: drawing is the essential instrument for investigating and communicating the practice of design, always present in the architectural process, from the beginning until the final phases.

Álvaro Siza, architetto

Alvaro Siza

The exhibition showcased ideas and projects by young architects attending the Swiss Schools of Architecture on the theme of The Home of Architecture.

Premio Architettura Eternit 2006

Devoted to the young Venezuelan architect who works in Zurich, exhibited drawings, photographs, film clips and innumerable models of different dimensions and materials, in which the model, the architect’s favourite instrument, is almost a swift sketch which reveals aspects, fragments, of reality and a perception of space that is always different.

Christian Kerez,

progetti 1988-2007

Devoted to the British designers Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates, explored the nexus between idea and construction, between thinking and doing: the material brought together in the exhibition (sketches, drawings, models, samples of materials and photographs) emphasized how greatly materials influence the perception of a building, and also revealed the close ties between strategy and detail.

More Brick-work:
thinking and making

Jonathan Sergison

Produced and promoted by the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and the Archivio del Moderno of Mendrisio in collaboration with Do.co.mo.mo Suisse. Its objectives included fostering a knowledge and study of the problems of conservation and reuse in relation to the complex designed by Vittoriano Viganò, one of the most significant examples of  Italian architecture from the 1950s and today in a wholly derelict state. The catalog has been published by Mendrisio Academy Press.

L’Istituto Marchiondi Spagliardi

di Vittoriano Viganò.
Una lettura critica

attraverso gli archivi

e la documentazione recente
15 May – 29 June 2008
curated by

Franz Graf, Bruno Reichlin

organized by
Academy of Architecture
and Archivio del Moderno, Mendrisio