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Atelier L-architectes

  • Lecturers
    • Jeanne Della Casa
    • Sylvie Pfaehler
Atelier L-architects

BSc 3


sem I

ects 15


Housing. Incidence 2

An enquiry into the method of architectural design through the perspective of urban housing.

Focusing on different viewpoints, forms, or scales of representation, we will look at the unifying thread of the design process. Deciphering and understanding the circumstances of a project so as to consciously and constantly improve and develop it. Does my plan match what I have in mind? Does the drawing (clarity of thought) or the thought (magic of drawing) need to be modified? Most likely, a little of both. As well as the house/home, and the city, we will discuss dimensions, cost, the art of construction, responsibility, and delve into the subtleties surrounding these issues.

The site of Le Vallon in Lausanne will be the sounding board for our architectural studies.

Final critiques.

Examination Mode