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From Brussels with Love. The Production of Culture

Diploma 2022

From Brussels with Love. The Production of Culture
  • Diploma Director
    • Kersten Geers
  • Coordination
    • Monica Sciarini
  • Assistant
    • Jelena Pancevac

Five years ago, an article in “The New York Times” with a probing title: Why Brussels Is the New Berlin? brought mainstream confirmation of a trend Brussels has been undergoing, with international artists flocking into the city, and galleries and art events following. As with so many other cities that have experienced similar trends, there are many reasons for this cultural flourishing, but they can be broken down to the simple conditions of the city itself: it is cosmopolitan and cheap. And there is available space. Beyond the visible art venues – museums and galleries, theatres and concert halls, established institutions, or converted industrial spaces – there is space where artists can live and work, go out and exchange ideas. The production of culture happens (also) in clubs and salons, offices and lofts, studios and ateliers. Our aim is to investigate these spaces and identify an urban prerequisite for such an elusive category as culture. Furthermore, we want to examine how spatial types can be appropriated for a new (cultural) practice. In this Diploma project, each atelier will be dealing with a particular spatial type, and will choose among approximately 150 sites in Brussels that were subject to architectural competitions in the previous years. A number of contemporary artists living and working in Brussels will contribute to this project, and relate to the proposed spatial types. As a result, we hope this project will not only establish a relation between the production of culture and the instrumental role of architecture within that process, but in its totality, it will also provide an alternative portrait of the city, contributing to its cultural history.

  • Professori di Atelier
    • Francisco e Manuel Aires Mateus
    • Walter Angonese
    • Michele Arnaboldi
    • Valentin Bearth
    • Riccardo Blumer
    • Martin Boesch
    • Frédéric Bonnet
    • Marc Collomb
    • Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara
    • Kersten Geers
    • Bijoy Jain
    • Quintus Miller
    • João Nunes & João Gomes da Silva
    • Valerio Olgiati
    • Muck Petzet
    • Jonathan Sergison