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Atelier Durisch and Nolli

  • Lecturers
    • Pia Durisch
    • Aldo Nolli
Atelier Durisch e Nolli



sem I 

ects 15


Limes, a city within the city.

The semester’s program will focus on a design intervention inside the Vatican City, the city-state of the Catholic Church, in the very centre of Rome. The exercise, focusing on the concept of limes, both physical and metaphoric, will enable the students to think about the relationships which for centuries have governed the cohabitation between the Italian capital and its most important religious centre. 
A fascinating and transversal topic, which ranges from the scale of the landscape to a single building and the walls, the architectural element visually connoting the border. An intervention in such a context, a community rich in knowledge and skills, with a real and contemporary project, will help students to measure the rank of our discipline and its close bonds with time and culture.

Final critiques.

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