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The choice of Padua is bound up with the fact that today it embodies the complex themes of contemporary development in the Mediterranean area, distinguished historically by a strong cultural identity. Padua in the context of what is known as the “northeast of Italy” constitutes the “hub” of a cluster of cities (Venice, Treviso, Vicenza, etc.) that in actuality form the foundation for a metropolitan area. For this reason the architectural project is proposed as an instrument of intervention in the present city and is distinguished from the urban project because it is not time-bound: it can and should be realized as a complete whole right from the start. Each design studio will therefore take the urban territory as its place of intervention, with a special concern for the city and its immediate periphery. In the intervention each design studio will be able to choose a project zone and a topic.

  • Director
    • Luigi Snozzi
  • Professors in Charge
    • Manuel Aires Mateus
    • Valentin Bearth
    • Esteban Bonell
    • Mario Botta
    • Roberto Collovà
    • Valerio Olgiati
    • Luigi Snozzi
    • Heinz Tesar
    • Elia Zenghelis
    • Peter Zumthor

Josep Acebillo, Luigi Snozzi, the Design studio professors, and outside professors invited: Gonçalo Byrne, Jorg Friedrich, Luisa Boldrin

Panel of Judges