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Among the various aggregations of contemporary Swiss cities (such as Geneva, Zurich, Berne, San Gallo, Winterthur or Freiburg), we have chosen the group of towns on the Plateau consisting of Olten, Aarau and Zofingen. This area, while forming a very complex whole, like all contemporary diffused settlements, also embodies certain prominent geographic factors and some relatively simple structural features that justify an architectural project to be completed in 14 weeks.
As part of the analysis of the territorial dynamics of the district, the diploma course will seek specifically to explore the theme of housing in the contemporary Swiss city, concentrating on the example of Olten. Olten has an extensive housing program which envisages construction of widely different types of homes. Apart from the theme of housing, Olten also lends itself to the study of architectural subjects such as the museum, railway station and shopping mall, typologies that should never be studied separately from housing and the overall urban project. To attain this object it is desirable that each of the architectural design studios should address the subject of housing by relating it to the other topics mentioned, so that each design studio provides a view of the town articulated in its various components.

  • Director
    • Aurelio Galfetti
  • Professors in Charge
    • Manuel Aires Mateus
    • Valentin Bearth
    • Esteban Bonell
    • Mario Botta
    • Marc Collomb
    • Aurelio Galfetti
    • Valerio Olgiati
    • Luigi Snozzi
    • Elia Zenghelis
    • Peter Zumthor
  • Coordinator
    • Nicole Beier Cabrini
  • Assistant
    • Ursula Bolli


Nicola Emery, Franz Graf, Stanislaus von Moos, Franz Oswald, Aldo Stoppa, Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra

Panel of Judges