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The Diploma 2009 is devoted to Lausanne and the Métamorphose project. This is an ambitious program by which the local authority intends to relaunch the city through precise political choices made to sustain a renewed urban quality (housing, shops, public facilities, transport). The Métamorphose project seeks to create a coherent synthesis between the dynamics under way in the city of Lausanne by combining a program of sustainable development with the city’s new master plan and with the opening of the subway Line 2; a set of factors which will underpin a large and important urban transformation to be carried out over the next fifteen years and which will affect an urban surface area covering 67 hectares and in particular two sites: the south area (Vidy, Bourdonnette) on which will rise new major public facilities, such as the stadium and the Olympic pool, and the north area (Plaines du Loup, Pontaise), intended to create an eco-district on the Pontaise site.
But the themes and chosen locations for the Diploma work also Involve other parts of the city, lying outside the Métamorphose project, which entail issues bound up with restoration, the design of the landscape and the more general organization of the territory. The project on Lausanne is therefore an opportunity to rethink the city in its parts and relationships, working on the very meaning of the contemporary city, an elusive and uncertain concept which will be combined with refl ection on different scales about different topics and with different areas of intervention.
The city, understood as a large artefact, represents the field of inquiry and reflection. Its characteristics, spaces and the parts of which it is composed define a more or less coherent image. Our purpose is to move beyond the design of the individual architectural object and seek to build new fragments, new parts of a possible city.

  • Director
    • Marc Collomb
  • Professors in Charge
    • Francisco e Manuel
    • Aires Mateus
    • Michele Arnaboldi
    • Martin Boesch
    • Esteban Bonell
    • Mario Botta
    • Marianne Bukhalter
    • e Christian Sumi
    • Antonio Citterio
    • Marc Collomb
    • Henk Hartzema
    • Valerio Olgiati
    • Jonathan Sergison
  • Assistants
    • Ursula Bolli
    • Gianluca Gelmini

Permanent members
Marc Collomb, Aurelio Galfetti, Christoph Frank, Nicola Emery
Non-permanent members, lecturers at the Academy of Architecture
Walter Angonese, Roberto Briccola, Yvonne Farrell, Franz Graf, Bruno Keller, Massimo Laffranchi, Franz Oswald, Ignacio Rubino, Ruggero Tropeano
Architects from Ticino
Nicola Baserga, Raffaele Cavadini, Pia Durisch, Paolo Fumagalli, Sandra Giraudi, Jachen Könz, Martino Pedrozzi, Luigi Snozzi
Architects from Romandy
Fonso Boschetti, Ueli Brauen, Laurent Geninasca, Christian Gilot, Jacques Gubler, Jean-Luc Kolb, Valérie Ortlieb

Panel of Judges