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High Street London




The overall ambition for this year’s Diploma work is to carry out a very broad urban investigation of London. Throughout its history, London has always resisted easy understanding and characterisation, as well as fiscal policy constraints. Today it is the largest urban conglomerate in Europe in terms of population and land area.
As a way of structuring the work of the London Diploma, we will take one of London’s oldest infrastructural elements: the high streets and ancient roadways, some of which are almost 2000 years old. These provide one of the rare structuring elements to the city and their role within the transport infrastructure means they can effectively support the future growth and expansion of the city.
Twelve high streets or “development corridors” have been selected as the focus for this year’s work. Each Diploma studio will work on one, and within these sites have been identified for individual projects, so that no two students will work on the same site. The result of the Diploma work will be an unprecedented urban investigation completed in advance of the Olympic Games that will be hosted by London in 2012.

  • Director
    • Jonathan Sergison
  • Profess in Charge
    • Francisco and Manuel
      Aires Mateus
      Walter Angonese
      Michele Arnaboldi
      Martin Boesch
      Esteban Bonell
      Mario Botta
      Marianne Bukhalter
      and Christian Sumi
      Marc Collomb
      Yvonne Farrell
      and Shelley McNamara
      Julian Lewis
      Quintus Miller
      Valerio Olgiati
      Jonathan Sergison
  • Assistants
    • Ursula Bolli
    • Gianluca Gelmini


Aurelio Galfetti


Michela Bandini, Francesco Bardelli, Riccardo Blumer, Mark Brearley, Francesco Buzzi, Nicola Di Battista, Christoph Frank, Tony Fretton, Kersten Geers, Franz Graf, Sonja Hildebrand, Bruno Keller, Fulvio Irace, Ferruccio Izzo, Fred Manson, Ludovica Molo, Mario Monotti, Eric Parry, Freek Persyn, Mark Pimlott, Stephen Taylor, Ruggero Tropeano, Ellis Woodman, Jonathan Woolf, Cino Zucchi

Panel of Judges