of Architecture


Lisbon and the Tagus




The object of the study, commissioned by the Administration of the Port of Lisbon, comprises the whole area of its competence, from Belem to Matinha: it is the frontier between Lisbon and the Tejo (Tagus), covering an area of about 14 km. Unlike what might be expected of a purely legal boundary, it cannot be reduced to a line: it is a frontier with breadth, a strip of land with its own characteristics, a third entity in dialogue with both its sides. This is a territory which the levels of the river and the platform of land endow with a strong continuity, and a radically horizontal orientation. This condition is also reinforced by the great routes that have been added to the landscape, juxtaposed or superimposed on it: the streets, the electric tramlines, the railway, the bridge, aircraft and the subway.
Apart from the transverse signs that unify it, a territory of this size is inevitably varied in its development. The historical survey we have made enables us to understand the process of growth and consolidation of the river front, identifying and framing its exceptional heritage in its spatial and temporal context and comprising the logic underlying the different morphological and functional units that are recognizable today.

  • Directors
    • Francisco Aires Mateus
    • Manuel Aires Mateus
  • Professors in Charge
    • Francisco and Manuel
      Aires Mateus
      Walter Angonese
      Michele Arnaboldi
      Martin Boesch
      Esteban Bonell
      Mario Botta
      Marianne Bukhalter
      and Christian Sumi
      Antonio Citterio
      Marc Collomb
      Quintus Miller
      Valerio Olgiati
      Jonathan Sergison
  • Assistants
    • Ursula Bolli
    • Gianluca Gelmini


Gonçalo Byrne

Honorary President

Aurelio Galfetti


Nicola Baserga, João Luis Carrilho da Graça, Roberto Favaro, Christoph Frank, Franz Graf, Sonja Hildebrand, Fulvio Irace, Jachen Könz, Mario Monotti, João Nunes, Manuel Salgado, Eloisa Vacchini, Martina Voser

Panel of Judges