of Architecture






This year’s Diploma projects will deal with various zones of Barcelona, each having a specific relation to the existing urban fabric, but all subject to real requests for change by the city’s urban planning department. Some projects consist of building on the built, hence with a minimum margin of freedom, and will help consolidate the urban space. Others propose new buildings, with their own identity but capable of communicating with aesthetically quite different buildings or, by their situation as marking a limit, of acting as filters between different situations.
One of the themes to be developed will be social housing, with opportunities to discuss and experiment with relations between domestic places and public places: housing for families and young or old people can be combined with other facilities that will generate a redefinition of urban space.
With regard to the issue of reuse, the project is located at Fabra i Coats, a nineteenth-century industrial complex. The aim is to redevelop the buildings and the voids which meet within them so as to give them a new function in the fabric of their neighbourhood.
Finally, there is the question of the city centre, that centre which Ildefonso Cerdà had already envisaged in his expansion plan for Barcelona (1859) and which at present is a huge void. Should it be turned into a great green lung that will give oxygen to the city, or instead accommodate buildings that will help create a public space of outstanding quality?

  • Director
    • Esteban Bonell
  • Professors in Charge
    • Francisco and Manuel

    • Aires Mateus

    • Walter Angonese

    • Michele Arnaboldi

    • Valentin Bearth

    • Martin Boesch

    • Mario Botta

    • Marianne Bukhalter

    • and Christian Sumi

    • Antonio Citterio

    • Marc Collomb

    • José Maria Gil

    • Quintus Miller

    • Valerio Olgiati

    • Jonathan Sergison

  • Assistants
    •  Ursula Bolli
    • Gianluca Gelmini

Honorary President

Aurelio Galfetti

Jaume Barnada Lopez, Eduard Bru

Panel of Judges