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“Ticino City”




The Diploma period begins in September 2013 and ends in June 2014, covering a total of 30 weeks.
The rules in force award the Diploma course a total of 30 ECTS. In the autumn semester some teaching activities are scheduled, with lectures, encounters and field trips in the territory and to the locations of the individual assignments for the Diploma project. In the following spring semester students will work distributed into 13 design studios, each directed by a full professor or visiting professor of Design, assisted by an architect collaborator. The number of students envisaged for each design studio will range between 3 and 12. The individual project topic to be worked on, focusing each year on a single site, will be proposed by the professor of each studio group.

The Diploma syllabus will entail:
autumn semester

  • Choice of design studio
  • Field trip to the project location
  • Introductory meetings and lectures on the project theme
  • Development of the basic materials

spring semester

  • Individual project work
  • Personal critiques with the studio professor and assistant
  • Intermediate critique with the studio professor and the Diploma director
  • Meetings with professors of the different theoretical subjects
  • Final critique with the studio professor and the whole Panel.

The Diploma board supplies a calendar and a program containing a list of all of the professors in charge of the studio sessions, the members of the Panel, the architect-collaborators, and students enrolled.
It also shows the meetings scheduled with the teachers and guest speakers in the different interactive subject areas.

The student will be admitted to the final critique only with the agreement of the professor of the design studio.

For the students not admitted to the final critiques in June and for those engaged in recouping the necessary educational credits, the Diploma work will take place in the following spring semester.

  • Diploma Director
    • Michele Arnaboldi
  • Professors in Charge
    • Francisco and Manuel
    • Aires Mateus
    • Walter Angonese
    • Michele Arnaboldi
    • Valentin Bearth
    • Martin Boesch
    • Mario Botta
    • Marianne Bukhalter
    • and Christian Sumi
    • Marc Collomb
    • Yvonne Farrell
    • and Shelley McNamara
    • Quintus Miller
    • Valerio Olgiati
    • Jonathan Sergison
  • Assistants
    • Ursula Bolli
    • Gianluca Gelmini

The Diploma represents the conclusion of the research project "Public Space in the 'Ticino City' of Tomorrow" funded by the National Foundation within the program NRP 65 "New Urban Quality". It proposes a territorial reading articulated  into four “districts” (areas with specific geographic and morphological characteristics): C1 Ticino River North; C2 Ticino River South; C3 the Ceresio Basin; C4 the Insubria Triangle.      
For each district the research has developed projects of public space on different scales: district (1:25'000) and urban (1:5'000). The Diploma projects are the selection of the strategic issues identified and will have to be developed on the urban and architectural scales.
The projects proposed form part of a territorial strategy, and deal with issues related to: landscape, public space, infrastructures, mobility and densification.
The whole set of Diploma projects is an opportunity to extend the results obtained and help improve the dialogue between the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and the public administration on issues regarding the culture of the territory.


Public space in the "Ticino City"

Honorary President

Aurelio Galfetti


João Nunes

Diploma 2014 Director

Michele Arnaboldi

Guest Critics

Gonçalo Byrne, Eduardo Delgado, Nicola di Battista, Jean Pierre Dürig, Philipp Esch, Christian Kerez, Jachen Könz, Eric Lapierre, Ludovica Molo, Federico Pompignoli

Lecturers from the Academy of Architecture

André Bideau, Christoph Frank, Franz Graf, Sonja Hildebrand, Fulvio Irace, Mario Monotti, Bruno Pedretti, Martina Voser

Panel of Judges