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Casa dell’Accademia


On the Mendrisio Campus, just ten minutes from Palazzo Canavée, stands the Casa dell’Accademia, a residential complex which houses up to 72 students. The complex, designed by architects Carola Barchi and Ludovica Molo with the collaboration of Jachen Könz, consists of two rectangular reinforced concrete buildings set parallel to each other and separated by a garden. Laid out on three floors are 18 apartments (3 of them designed for the disabled), with some 90 sqm of floor space, containing four single bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen.
The apartments come complete with furniture (beds with storage space on wheels, closets, table, chairs, sofa and armchairs, fully-fitted kitchen), with the exception of linen, cutlery and crockery, pots and pans.
On the lower floor are the laundry room, cellars and parking space for bikes. An elevator goes to the apartments allowing disabled access. The outdoor car park has 10 rental spaces and 6 for visitors.
Rooms can be rented annually by submitting the application form, duly completed, by 10 August of each year.
The accommodation is managed by the Casa dell’Accademia Foundation, responsible for allocating places in compliance with  the rules of the Protocol. Its statutes require the Foundation Council to have eight members.

  • Foundation Council
  • President
    • Michele Morisoli
  • Deputy President
    • Antoine Turner
  • Representative of the Canton
    • Clio Franchi
  • Member and Represent of Mendrisio Municipality

    • Cavadini Samuele

  • Members
    • Massimo Sannitz
    • Aurelio Galfetti
    • Marc Collomb
    • Enrico Sassi
    • Martino Pedrozzi
    • Claudio Nauer
  • Secretary
    • Marisa Furci Macchione

  • Address
    • Fondazione Casa dell’Accademia
    • largo Bernasconi 2
    • 6850 Mendrisio
    • Switzerland
  • Telephone
    • +41 58 666 5859
    • +41 58 666 5853 
  • Fax
    • +41 58 666 5868
  • E-mail