of Architecture


Incoming Swiss Mobility students


The basic steps to register for a period of study at the Academy of Architecture are:

  • Obtain information on the program of studies proposed by the faculty
  • Discuss the period of study that you wish to prepare and establish a program of study in agreement with your home university
  • Obtain the informative material concerning mobility
  • Register with the mobility service of your home university before the deadline:
    • May 1 for the coming Autumn semester
    • November 1 for the coming Spring semester
  • Register with the USI Mobility Service at the online platform; the Mobility Service will provide confirmation one month after the above date
  • Register in person at the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture no later than the beginning of the semester
  • Foreign students holding a residence permit must submit an application at an early date for transfer for a temporary stay in the Canton Ticino and then register at the Control of Residents Office of their new place of residence.