of Architecture


Atelier Kéré

  • Lecturer
    • Diébédo Francis Kéré
Atelier Kere, photo Alberto Canepa

BSc 3


sem I + II

ects 15 + 15


Refugee Centre in Chiasso

Due to the current world-wide political situation, the issue of refugees is a very important topic. The border between Italy and Switzerland has recently become a transit point of great importance to northern Europe. That is why the topic of this fall semester will be focused on a refugee centre in Chiasso. The studio sessions will face the issue of sustainability and affordability in architecture, not just in terms of climate and the economy but also of social factors.

The atelier will also include the workshop Learning by Doing, where the students will practise and be in touch directly with the real scale. This exercise will lead the students to learn at first hand the behaviour of materials that will bring changes to the project that they will be asked to do.

Final critiques.

Examination Mode