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Pergamon: from Antiquity to Postmodern

  • Lecturer
    • Christoph Frank

An ancient city of Asia Minor, in Aeolis, near the Aegean Sea, Pergamum reached its zenith during the Attalid dynasty (283-133 BC), a period when it was seen as a new Athens, rivalling the older city in terms of prestige as well as artistic and economic splendour. Starting from the ancient history of this important city and the events surrounding the construction of its most famous monuments, including above all the Library and famous Pergamon Altar, built at the behest of Eumenes II, the course will focus on the impact that the “idea” of Pergamon has had in modern times, especially following the transfer of the Altar to Berlin in 1886 and its reconstruction by the archaeologist Otto Puchstein in the newly founded Pergamon Museum, where a new and complex renovation project is now under way.


sem I

h 24

ects 2.5