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Aurelio Galfetti. Costruire lo spazio / The Construction of Space

The three essays brought together here offer a specific reading of different phases of Galfetti’s achievement. Starting from a single project, they demonstrate how the idea of a territorial architecture has always linked the project in his work (on every scale) to the place, the landscape and the territory.

Texts by: Franz Graf, Nicola Navone, Laurent Stalder.

Interview by Francesca Albani.

Swiss Architectural Award 2020

Now in its seventh edition, the prestigious architectural award, which showcases young architects recommended by internationally renowned advisors, has gone this year to the French firm Bruther. The catalogue of the award accompanies the exhibition at the Mendrisio Theatre of Architecture (2 April-24 December). It contains works by all the architects who participated in the competition, with a special focus on those by the winner.

Seventh edition 2020

Bruther (France)


Annuario/Yearbook 2017

29 design studios, 13 diploma studios, 90 courses, 97 lecturers, 121 assistants, 803 students: a year of teaching activity at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.