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Quarantotto pagine: Francesco Venezia

«Many years ago I was struck by a lecture by the German philosopher Hans Robert Jauss, who maintained that in life … it is important to be prepared. I realised that we must always work hard and that even in the absence of any real prospects, what is important is to be prepared. As we know, the idea of a project pre-exists to some degree the opportunities of time and place, and that makes Jauss’ philosophical suggestion even more useful for us as architects, as it reminds us that preparation is a form of project design» (Francesco Venezia).

Atelier Miller, Sei grandi edifici per Basilea

During the spring semester of 2014, the students of the Miller design studio at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture worked on the urban plan and architecture of Basel, focusing in particular on the area that extends along the Aeschengraben and the St. Alban-Anlage, where an extensive restructuring is planned. The work resulted in twelve projects, presented on display at the headquarters of the Basilese Assicurazioni and now brought together in this catalog.

Diploma 2013 Barcellona

The 78 diploma projects proposed in 2013 by the students of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in the design studios run by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus, Walter Angonese, Michele Arnaboldi, Valentin Bearth, Martin Boesch, Mario Botta, Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi, Antonio Citterio, Marc Collomb, Quintus Miller, Valerio Olgiati, Jonathan Sergison

Rapporto sull'attività didattica 2013/14

30 design studios, 85 courses, 94 lecturers, 110 assistants, 764 students: a year of teaching activity at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Diritto e salvaguardia dell'architettura del XX secolo

The book deals with the troubled  issue of the relation between legislation and the protection of twentieth-century architecture through a constructive dialogue between the competencies of specialists in various fields: architects, curators, lawyers and security experts. The questions raised by the topic are analysed in theoretical terms but also in their immediate operative relevance, through a discussion of the principles underlying the principles subtending the regulations in force in various sectors.