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18 June (30 April for students requiring a visa)

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Bachelor in Architecture:
18 June (30 April for students requiring a visa)


To form a humanist and a generalist architect: this is the purpose of the course of study at the Academy of Architecture, based on a balanced integration between practical design work, the humanities and technical-scientific subjects. 

An architectural faculty which boasts an innovative, interdisciplinary, humanistic and generalist teaching method.
Seeking to counter-act the fragmentation of knowledge threatened by over-specialization, the Academy of Architecture will ensure that the future architects will acquire skills based on an open and critical approach, ranging from various types of architectural design to urban planning and landscapes, from the rethinking of historical heritage to developing sustainable designs.

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Enrolled students 800
Countries 45
Graduates since 2002 1922
Ratio of teacher/students 1/9
Graduates working one year after graduation 97.1 %
Average time to enter the world of work * 2.6 months


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